July 14, 2024
012718 2345 WhatIthinkA1 - What I think About Music
we are going to be talking about music.

Hello GDM Fans today we are going to be talking about music. Music is a great thing to listen to while you are on the go or you are just at home and it is great. Whether if it is classical or singing there are a bunch of different types of music. The music that I like the most is called anime music. It is just great and has a lot of great voices sometimes. I also like the freaky kinds of music which sometimes make something not scary at all like water bottle flipping. Music also changes what you think about things which is a big impact sometimes.

012718 2345 WhatIthinkA1 - What I think About Music

I also like the fact that there is happy music in some games sometimes and when you actually play a level in the game let’s say Geometry Dash and you are on a level that is so hard and it just plays some happy music like it makes people so frustrated and I actually like that because it makes the game more fun or maybe just more frustrating so people can rage quit XD.

012718 2345 WhatIthinkA2 - What I think About Music

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