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CLOPCKJ - What I Think About Clocks

What I Think About Clocks

Hello there GDM fans today we are going to talk about what I think about clocks. Clocks are really great for telling time but the worst part of time is that when you are going to sleep and you are just curious of what time it is you will just peek over at the clock if you have a light or just one that tells you the numbers.

LEL - My Cereal "Commercial"

My Cereal “Commercial”

Hello, today I am going to show a “commercial” that I made in school, hope all of you GDM fans enjoy!  

011418 0633 Lies1 - Lies


Ever get that feeling that if you lie you can get away with it but instead it gets even worse?

8763559934 e4bc591dd5 b - Pet Cats

Pet Cats

Cats, they do little things and may break stuff. Hello GDM fans as you see we are going today we are going to be talking about pet cats.