May 19, 2024
Terraria - Terraria Review
I'm going to review a game called Terraria.

Terraria - Terraria Review
Hello, my name is Angus and today I’m going to review a game called Terraria. Now, I’ve had terraria for about 4 years and that includes the Xbox, iPad and the PC.(though I prefer PC) Now, we all know how to the the classic just going around collecting stuff and dying but now most people would want to try something different. They added mods which was a good thing because now we can get more content! I used to download about 30 mods and then activate them all and start playing as a tank. It was fun as it lasted before it got outdated and never updated ever again .

Anyways, let’s get on to the final boss. I think it is really creative to put 4 pillars spread out on the Terraria map and then you have to attack a bunch of enemies at that area before you actually attack the real deal. I remember when the hardest boss was Duke Fishron. Well it is a lot more harder now because of expert mode :p. Expert mode was a big deal to a lot of people and added new content that all Terraria users could enjoy. Even when you have just spawned you could easily get killed by a slime in three hits or less, crazy right? I’ve always liked Terraria and never hated it. I do go inactive sometimes but usually when I come back there is a huge update and I could play with friends, family or just myself. This game is just so creative and I like it, I also like the game Minecraft too. Terraria just has so many things including modes like hard mode, a bunch of bosses and put some mods into the mix and you basically have the best time in the gamer world! When I have free time I always either write a blog, play Terraria or Rocket League!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my second review and I will see you all on the next blog!!!



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