June 14, 2024
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today we are going to be talking about Rocket League once again. This time I am going to be doing a review on it.

Hello, my name is Angus and today we are going to be talking about Rocket League once again. This time I am going to be doing a review on it. First, this is a game that you could spend hours on. I spent about 10 hours on the game and I am still learning a lot of things. I am not even a quarter of the way through the skills of the game! This is a game about shooting something and make it go into a net. I know, it sounds so boring but it’s actually not! It looks boring it sounds boring but when you actually get your hands on it it is a lot more fun then you would expect. Definitely exceeds my expectations.

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You can learn tons of moves like an ariel hit! A double jump ariel and a bunch of other ones! You can also learn moves for kickoff. I believe you can spend hundreds of hours on the game and still can’t perfect it. That is how much content is packed inside this game. I just started about 2 days ago as of typing the blogpost right now and it has been a very addicting game to me! If you were trying to find a game and you can’t find one then you should definitely get Rocket League. It has so much content and really fun. I have a lot of patience if I do say so myself (I used to get mad because of pointless stuff lol) so if you don’t have any patience then you better step off this game. You either get horrible team mates or you are the horrible team mates. Either way you will always improve in these types of games and I would highly recommend this for something who is looking for a game to buy on Steam.

Anyways, I hope you guys liked and read my review and I will see you guys on the next blog


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