July 14, 2024
new year - The New Year
The new year, it's here. Let's admit it, a lot of us don't actually succeed at doing New Year's Resolutions (if you do I give mad props)

The new year, it’s here. Let’s admit it, a lot of us don’t actually succeed at doing New Year’s Resolutions (if you do I give mad props). Anyways it’s a good time for staying up late before it is that day for new year’s. It’s a fun time for friends and family. Did you know that New Year’s Day is not actually The New Year’s Day for the Lunar Calendar? Don’t know what it is? Well this is what the wiki says “A lunar calendar is a calendar that is based on cycles of the lunar phases. This can be contrasted with the Gregorian calendar, which is a solar calendar based on the revolution of the Earth around the sun.” So now you know. Now, let’s talk about what we do on this day. Well we make up resolutions for ourselves A.K.A goals. We try to do them for the whole year and if you can’t do it then you get that fail.

lunar calendar 2017 by evans and sutherland - The New Year

It’s something that we all celebrate and it’s pretty good. Celebrate that now we have a new year. I hope you guys will have a happy new year because I hope I will. Anyways if you guys enjoyed this short little blog then remember my name is Angus and I’m out!


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