June 19, 2024
Hello everybody and today we are going to talk about videogames

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Hello everybody and today we are going to talk about videogames, you might hear this common phrase “don’t play too much videogames because you will lose your eyesight!”. Well, if you lie down sideways you can, also if you’re in the wrong position you can also get some eye damage but other than that did you know that if you play videogames you can actually get better hand-eye coordination? It’s true because when you play like shooting games or a target game like Wii Sports archery. Also if you just suddenly stop playing you will also stop being very good at hand-eye coordination and you would be actually be worse then average as if you were still playing then you would be way better then average people! Now, if you play too much videogames you might actually lose your temper and essentially “go crazy” so basically don’t play too much if you are playing videogames. Unless you’re a gamer or something.

Also, think back to when you were playing videogames and it was like the 7th time and your parent/guardian said “TIME TO EAT THAT STUFF YOU NEVER HAD BEFORE” you would’ve most likely said nothing and then get grounded or something. At least something along those lines happened to me before :p.

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Games are fun, that is true but they might disturb you because when you are doing homework or something about education it always distracts you. If you are a parent/guardian did you know if you took away all your kids electronic devices for about 2-4 weeks they will actually turn back to normal! Well not the first week. They would try to find an excuse to get their electronic devices back but just give them a device that doesn’t have any games and also supervise them if you do have time. Anyways, I hope you guys like my blogpost about games and I am going to see you guys on the next blog!

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