May 19, 2024
screen20shot202017 11 0620at20105029202 - What I think about the iPhone X
Let's talk about the new animoji first.

screen%20shot%202017 11 06%20at%20105029%202 - What I think about the iPhone XLet’s talk about the new animoji first. Oh animoji, it’s been a few months since it came out as I am writing this. It is a funny thing where you can do a bunch of faces and a poop will mimic it. With this you can be a shouting poo emoji just talking to your friend which is kind of weird but it is fine. You can do about 12 animoji as of right now when I’m writing this.

I hope they will add more animoji in the future like a horse or something which would be pretty cool. Animoji is pretty good in my perspective, the only problem is that you have to pay about $2000 CDN just for that iPhone X to try out the animoji. Or you could just visit your local apple store and then just use it there. A bunch of my friends do that :p. Other than the notch and the price the new iPhone is actually pretty good! Probably targeted more for them android users since they removed the home button.

Well I will rate the iPhone X at about a 7.5 out of 10 because overall it is a fast and reliable. Some games are not supporting the iPhone X and they might not support it for a very long time since this is a completely new generation for iPhones. So hope you guys enjoyed my rating and I will see you on the next blog! See you all later.


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